About us

As a former sales manager for a large franchise and more recently, dealer principal of my own used car business, finding time to read the latest industry news was always challenging with a never ending stream of interruptions.

Two decades in the trade has taught me a great deal but if I could rewind and simplify my career, I would have liked a radio-style programme to hear the latest automotive news and gain access to a wealth of important content. A medium which could easily picked up and put down, that wouldn’t get lost in a stack of paperwork.

Fast forward to early 2015 when I decided to utilise the incredible technology at our fingertips and put my experience in the industry to good use. I wanted to create an audio platform that was not only directly relevant to the UK’s motor trade, but also imparted genuinely useful bitesize chunks of information from experts and other dealerships. The Motor Trade Radio was developed so that everyone in the industry – particularly those at the coalface – can listen to current topics, access valuable insights and discover fresh ideas to use in their own businesses.

What is Motor Trade Radio?

Motor Trade Radio is an internet-only radio show focussed around the needs of today’s franchised and independent car dealerships. Downloadable to iPhone / iPad (iOS), desktop and android devices, it brings a daily blend of expert opinion, industry news, top tips and entertainment wrapped up in a chat-show style platform. Each episode is just 20-30 minutes long, so busy dealers can even listen to it on their way to work.

The now famous ‘Saturday Morning Meeting’ highlights the key industry headlines featuring Philip Nothard, Head of External Relations at Cox Automotive and Curtis Hutchinson, former Editor of Motor Trader magazine

Motor Trade Radio is the resource that I wish I’d had during my car sales career, and I hope that it will prove invaluable for your dealership. Please download it and then let your colleagues and contacts know about the show so they can benefit too. Enjoy!

Derek Blair